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Besides her skincare expertise, Vera Kantor is known for enthusiasm and warmth that extends to every service at her eco-friendly beauty oasis in Beverly Hills. Alongside a talented staff and her daughter Victoria, who serves as the Spa Director, VERABELLA extends a rare depth of hospitality and personal attention to every client. → more about us

  • Every VERABELLA facial is an amazing experience. We offer a range of Gourmet Facials inspired by a global selection of delectable scents and flavors, Skin Therapy Facials that incorporate effective intensive treatments, and delicious cocktail-inspired Peel Bar upgrades to enhance any visit.

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  • Micro treatments, mega results! Amplify your skincare with VERABELLA’s state-of-the-art anti-aging Skin Therapy services. Our Perfect Lift Micro-Current, Micro-DIAMOND-Brasion, and Micro-Channeling are available as standalone treatments, as series, or as components of comprehensive facials.

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  • Healthy, glowing VERABELLA skin is the perfect canvas. Semi-permanent makeup treatments (including Lash Lift, Brow Lamination, Micro-Shading, and Eye & Lip Lining) keep you looking polished for months.

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  • Are you hairy high and low? If you are, we’re the ones to know. We remove unwanted hair... even from down there. So don't be embarrassed—we’ve seen the hairiest and the barest.

  • Whether natural or glam, pro makeup is the finishing touch for a special occasion. Skin care, skin-loving makeup, and artistry combine to make your face as healthy as it is gorgeous.

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