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Have You Heard of Buccal Massage?

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You might have heard of buccal fat removal, a cosmetic procedure that gives the cheeks a more sunken, sculpted appearance. But did you know that non-invasive buccal massage can also change the contours of your face?

What is buccal massage anyway? 

From the Latin word bucca, meaning “cheek,” the buccal area is a facial region comprised of the square buccinator muscle (the “trumpeter’s muscle”) over a pad of fat. It contributes to chewing, smiling, and keeping all of the interior parts of your mouth where they belong. 

While it generally consists of massaging the entire lower face—attending to the smile lines, cheeks, temporomandiular joint, and jawline—buccal massage is defined by its unique manipulation of the buccal area from both outside and inside the mouth.

What is the purpose of buccal massage?

Like everything else, the buccal area can become too tight, too weak, or inflamed, contributing to tension, aches, diminished jaw mobility, TMJ, and sag. Massage can alleviate symptoms like these—working out tension and toning the muscle—along with additional benefits you might already know about: better lymphatic drainage for less puffiness, increased blood circulation to improve skin tone and healing time, and firmer skin appearance. 

How does a buccal massage work? 

The facialist uses a range of techniques around the mouth before entering (with gloved hands, of course) to manipulate the lips and cheeks from the other side. Those who carry tension in this area may feel some fatigue or ache afterward, but over time, people generally report relief in addition to better tone. It’s even been credited for reducing acne.

Is buccal massage right for you?

Like many things, it depends.

Deep massage like this may contribute to the redistribution of injectable fillers—and may even hasten the rate at which they dissolve. If you use injectable fillers, you may like to wait until they naturally resolve before exploring this option. (This is a good time to remind you to share info about relevant cosmetic procedures with your esthetician so they can meet your skin’s unique needs.) 

On the other hand, if you haven’t started incorporating injectables or surgery into your skincare but are starting to notice deeper smile lines, jawline sag, or volume changes that you don’t like, you might like to consult with your esthetician about this exciting area of massage.

At VERABELLA Beverly Hills, we are so pleased to now offer buccal massage as part of our 3D Sculpting Facelift. Call or text 310-278-4733 with any questions or to book. 

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