Whether you visit our Beverly Hills spa or use our products within the comfort of your home, we promise to care for your skin as well as we care for our own. more about us

More Than Just a Pretty Face

Get beautiful, glowing, healthy VERABELLA skin... all the way down to your toes.

  • Sweet Therapy

    “I learned about these natural facials from watching my mother and grandmother experiment using food straight out of the kitchen,” says Vera Kantor of VERABELLA. About her special Fall on Your Face facial, she says, “Think of it as a Thanksgiving feast for your face...”

  • Carrots

    For a more posh take on the carrot craze, salon to the stars VERABELLA offers the 14 Carrot Facial. “Carrots are incredibly high in carotenes, precursors to vitamin A... they trigger exfoliation and stimulation of collagen production,” says Vera.

  • “leaves skin luminous”

    Leave it to a Beverly Hills spa to concoct a facial loaded with luxe ingredients... “Caviar extract is rich in vitamins A, D, B1, and B6,” says spa owner Vera Kantor, whose clients include Lisa Kudrow and Candice Bergen. “It makes your skin look smooth and fresh.”

  • “They provide the best service”

    Verabella is a hidden oasis in the heart of Beverly Hills. Best facial hands down! I only use their skin care products. Vera and Victoria are such lovely people along with their staff and truly care about their clients. They provide the best service. —Jennifer H.

  • “Class act during this difficult time”

    Verabella has been responsive with clients during this Covid situation... Not to mention, their facials are the absolute best. Rica and the front office are always there to help with my skin-care needs, offering samples to try as well. —Suzanne K.

  • “Couldn't be nicer or easier to work with”

    A truly wonderful business... the therapists do great work. The products are non-toxic and plant-based which is a must for me. They know everyone personally and are extremely flexible. They respond to text which is helpful. Highly recommend. —Corey S.