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Clean Skincare That Really Works

For 25+ years, we’ve been driven to share the gift of true beauty: extremely effective skin care. Whether you visit our LA facial spa or use our products at home, we wish you healthy, glowing skin. → Spa

Our Promise

Whether you visit our Beverly Hills spa or use our products within the comfort of your home, we promise to care for your skin as well as we care for our own. → About

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  • Renata was amazing... The entire procedure was very relaxing. My skin has improved significantly since my first visit...

    —Natalie P.

  • Everyone here is so lovely and Gaby gives a wonderful facial! Definitely recommend and look forward to coming back.

    —Caryn F.

  • Verabella is a magical place, and I have been a client of Vera’s for over 30 years. Her facial technique and her products are superior.

    —Chris N.


Treat yourself to “a taste of Vera” at home

Learn about the differences between products to find what’s right for you.

  • Beauty Buzz

    For those who keep nothing in the fridge but a bottle of Cristal and a jar of Petrossian caviar, there’s a suitably luxe spa treatment to match. And it isn’t just a gimmick: Actual Champagne activates yeast in an exfoliating enzyme peel; mineral-rich Beluga, Sevruga, and Osetra caviar delivers A, B, and C complex vitamins to moisture-starved skin.

  • Best of

    The award-winning facials have garnered two Best of LA titles, in addition to numerous editorial accolades for their innovation and effectiveness. VERABELLA offers a rare touch of warmth and personal attention and is as affordable and welcoming for every woman as it is for its celebrity clients.

  • Slavs to Beauty

    “Beauty was a big priority to us, but with government rationing we had to be resourceful,” says Kantor, reminiscing about her childhood. “We used oatmeal and yogurt as face masks, honey and almond for exfoliants, arnica from the garden for healing, and chamomile tea for cleansing the pores.”