25+ Years of 5-Star Products & Service

For well over two decades, listening closely to customer feedback has been central to maintaining the five-star experience VERABELLA is known for. Here are just some of the ratings collected from customer surveys and independent review sites like Yelp and Google.

  • Your skin will love you, and you countenance will literally be a sight for sore eyes!

    —San E.

  • I have been coming here for so many years. My skin looks beautiful as a result.

    —Leslie T.

  • Not only are the facials amazing, but their product is great and affordable.  

    —Kate B.

  • This is the best place ever!!!!! It is the only time that I can relax!

    —Leana D.

  • Verabella is a hidden oasis in the heart of Beverly Hills. Best facial hands down! I only use their skin care products. Vera and Victoria are such lovely people along with their staff and truly care about their clients. They provide the best service.

    —Jennifer H.

  • Verabella has been responsive with clients during this Covid situation... Not to mention, their facials are the absolute best. Rica and the front office are always there to help with my skin-care needs, offering samples to try as well.

    —Suzanne K.

  • I’ve been going to Vera since 2005 and during this time she has never disappointed me. She assesses my skin, then she implements her magic. Her products are superior and when my session has ended, I feel reborn both physically and mentally.

    —Stephanie B.

  • Gaby is an absolute magician and has completely transformed my skin. My skin is better than it's ever been. Between Gaby’s facial and the toner+ aloe gel, my skin is left smooth and glowing. An absolute gem of a place!

    —Bella F.

  • Vera Kantor is the be all and end all of skin therapy in Beverly Hills.

    —Amy A.

  • They have literally SAVED my face! I go every four weeks like clockwork and it pays off!

    —Kimberly S.

  • My face glows after going not only from the amazing facial but also from the great customer service.

    —Jessica V.

  • As always top notch facial. I left with glowing, clean skin and lusciously dark eyelashes.

    —Linda G.

  • Renata was amazing... The entire procedure was very relaxing. My skin has improved significantly since my first visit...

    —Natalie P.

  • I’ve been here three times , and the ladies here always treat me so right!!! They’ve helped me get my skincare routine down pat...

    —Deanna G.

  • Everyone here is so lovely and Gaby gives a wonderful facial! Definitely recommend and look forward to coming back.

    —Caryn F.

  • Verabella is a magical place, and I have been a client of Vera’s for over 30 years. Her facial technique and her products are superior.

    —Chris N.

  • I have known Vera for the past 30 years, ever since my oldest son was 14 years old and began to suffer from terrible acne. I had tried taking him to every possible dermatologist and cosmetologist in the LA and Beverly Hills area, spared no money on the most popular facial and dermatological products, and he still found no relief. I watched him suffer in excruciating pain from all the acne and treatments.

    Finally when my mother saw our struggles to cure his acne and pain, she recommended me to Verabella. Their products are the best things we have ever tried and absolutely cured his acne. Over the three months of treatment, my son's skin had cleared so completely that it became smooth to the touch.

    As someone who is a faculty member for UCLA psychiatry, I have continued to refer patients who have skin-picking behaviors, exacerbated by failed acne treatments, to Verabella. Verabella has consistently provided miraculous cures and eliminated visually and physically painful skin.

    As founder and director of the Westwood Institute for Anxiety Disorders and treating refractory cases of OCD and skin picking behaviors, I could not recommend Verabella more for providing hundreds of adolescents and adults complete and total relief from their addictive behaviors.

    —Dr. Eda G.

  • The moment I arrived the greeting I received made me feel like family!

    A friend of mine had SEVERE... SEVERE acne. I referred her to an esthetician. After several months, a series of ten treatments and a considerable amount of money, my friend's skin looked the same.

    Then my friend found Vera.

    Within three weeks the red boils seemed to be fading. I thought, “No way.” By the sixth week, all the red boils were gone. My friend's skin was clear...I mean smooth!

    Vera performs miracles!!

    Vera has trained all of her staff and she has brought us the “Best of the Best!” I was blessed to get on Gabby's schedule. Gabby has perfected her facial movements which places inside of a “peaceful zone” every time. Gabby's delicate extraction technique made me stitch myself to her hip, and I will wrap by saying this... I make it a point to never, ever run out of Vera's exquisite Bella Rosa cream, for the rose cream is priceless!!

    —Dr. Cheryl R.

  • Can't tell you how amazing Verabella Spa is! Since I have been going and using their products my skin has cleared up beyond description.
  • Wonderful experience and their products are great. A must before a special event and I wish I could go there more often!
  • They are so accommodating about scheduling and rescheduling appointments, and they greet everyone with a smile.
  • They have the BEST sunscreen I have ever used. I first tried it about 10 years ago. Nothing compares!

    —Tessa H.

  • The best of the best for skin therapy.  I've been using their tea tree aloe gel for the last 15 years.

    —Elan L.

  • I am now obsessed with their products, I swear by them and live by them.

    —Lena B.

  • Not only did they cure my incredibly stubborn adult acne Verabella is now my home away from home.

    —Jackie L.

  • I have been a patron of Verabella for almost 10 years and the quality of the service has never wavered. Vera and Victoria are so kind and wonderful. I have worked with several aestheticians through the years and have always had a wonderful experience.

    —Nancee J.

  • After one facial with Gaby, my previously problematic skin has been perfect for months. She is absolutely wonderful and I can't thank her enough for completely transforming my skin. Overall, such a kind and relaxing environment; couldn't recommend enough!

    —Libby G.

  • A truly wonderful business... the therapists do great work. The products are non-toxic and plant-based which is a must for me. They know everyone personally and are extremely flexible. They respond to text which is helpful. Highly recommend.

    —Corey S.

  • Friends and yoga teachers have asked me how I take care of my skin to remain youthful looking -- and I tell them about Verabella. Thank you, Vera, for creating and sustaining such natural, good-for-you skin products!

    —Rosaline G.

  • I was struggling with acne, then I started coming for monthly facials and using the products, and my face has really cleared up. I can't recommend them enough.


  • It felt nice and was different from anything I’ve ever had in a treatment before. My skin was buttery and glowy when I left. Will definitely be going back to Dana!

    —Lauren M.

  • Everything was delicious! Between the adjustable beds, massage and paraffin hand wax, it is truly something. Btw, I was literally glowing when I left.

    —Erica M.

  • I have being going to Vera Kantor for my skin care since the mid 1980s and she is the best and their products are wonderful!

    —Christophe C.

  • Their products are clean and make my skin feel so nourished and radiant.

    —Judie S.

  • I have been going to Verabella and using their incredible products for over 10 years.

    —Rebecca M.

  • I have been trying various facials and and could not have felt more pampered.

    —Dorothy L.

  • My daughter commented that my face looked really good. She didn’t know I had a facial just the day before.

    —Marissa R.

  • I have been a fan of Verabella for almost ten years. I recently re-stocked on the mint mask, which is truly a miracle worker. Anytime I need to look fresh I use this mask. I have used many of their products and I truly vouch for them.

    —Gurpreet K.

  • I recently got a facial here and it was an amazing experience! Gaby made the experience so relaxing! Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for great service and a wonderful experience!

    —Becca S.

  • Love Verabella!! For over thirty years I have been enjoying getting facials at Verabella. I love the care and extra attention I get at every appointment. The products are also divine!!

    —Mindy S.

  • I have been a loyal client of Verabella for many years and today the facial was absolutely off the charts amazing! They are wonderful people, extremely knowledgeable and make beautiful skin care products... I cannot rave enough!

    —Elisa N.

  • Vera was organic before "organic" became a "thing," and she still is. Her skillful hands and delicious products made this the best facial of my life! I'm a lifer for sure and will order your products online.

    —Cathy G.

  • Vera has kept my skin glowing for over 30 years and I smile every time someone can't believe my age. Most often I wear no makeup other than some red lipstick and younger women marvel at the texture of my skin.

    —Regina J.

  • Everything was delicious! Between the adjustable beds, back neck shoulder arm hand massage and paraffin hand wax, it is truly something. Btw, I was literally glowing when I left.

    —Erica M.

  • Their skincare products are the best things we have ever tried and absolutely cured his acne. Over the three months of treatment, my son's skin had cleared so completely that it became smooth to the touch.
    —Dr. Eda G.

  • I've been going to Verabella for facials for 10 years. Medea is an artist. I always leave feeling beautiful and pampered.

    —Maureen T.

  • Best facials in LA! And, for Beverly Hills it's also affordable and the highest quality, all natural organic products they make!

    —Kimberly S.

  • Simply the best! I recommend Vera to everyone who needs help with problematic skin or simply wants a relaxing facial.

    —Natalie R.

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE! The best products! The best treatments! I have never felt so pampered!
    This is the best kept secret in Beverly Hills!

    —Parker F.

  • A tiny oasis of skincare pampering, I had the good fortune of booking with Vera herself and what a treat it was! She gave a thorough review of my skin, much more in-depth than my dermatologist. No heavy sales pitch, nothing unnecessary- I left with a glowing face and relaxed mind.

    —Barndi K.

  • Verabella saved my skin. I went to Vera in 2021 for the first time when my face was full of acne. She gave me the best facial of my life and I left with a plethora of her natural products! I am completely obsessed with my products and my skin has changed and sustained since. I recommend them over and over again...

    —Lena B.

  • I have to say I have monthly facials BUT this was by far the BEST!!! My skin was absolutely glowing. It has been 4 days and it looks like I just came out of my appointment. I will now be part of their regular clientele. If you want the best facial go here and see Renata. You will thank me later!!!!

    —Keri H.

  • I was experiencing maskne and just so much upset in my skin, and then i went to Verabella and was so taken care of by the staff there and I can confidently say that after one facial and committing to Vera’s products, my skin has TRANSFORMED.

    —Lena B.

  • Amazing place. The facial was calming and refreshing. I was lucky enough to get Vera, the sweetest facialist I've ever had, and all the products work great. Wonderful people, amazing experience. 100/100 recommend...

    —Leon G.

  • Thank you for making my skin look better than ever. Since I am using your product line I am having much less break outs and my redness has disappeared. LOVE!!! the Aloe Hydroxy Clarifying Night Gel.

    —Stephanie S.

  • My skin was very dehydrated from travel and after 3 days of my facial my skin is still glowing like I just left the salon. Products are amazing. The smell of them reminds me to my grandmother's flower garden in Hungary.

    —Erika B.

  • I love this place!!! I travel by train  from San Diego two plus hours each way to get the best facial, peel, and many other treatments. All the ladies are superb at their craft.

    —Ilene B.

  • I love the Verabella skin line! Their sunscreens are must have for my skin care.

    —Kristina G.

  • WONDERFUL. Love that they are an all natural approach.

    —Nicole P.

  • Best facials and natural products ever! You never leave without a glow...

    —Sally C.

  • My go-to gal is Gaby. I live in DC and go to Verabella when I’m in town.

    —El M.

  • The products are still working great for my skin!! It’s the only product I use now! Since I've been going to Verabella my skin has never looked better!!

    —Redroses B.

  • I travel all over and have spa treatments virtually all over the world and Verabella is without a doubt one of the best spa experiences I have found anywhere!

    —Michael J. H.

  • Since using the Citrus Sorbet and Firming Mint Mask, my acne is no longer and my blemishes have nearly disappeared. My friends and family have noticed a significant difference.

    —Maria A.

  • Their all natural products are soothing and leave you glowing and smelling wonderful! It is one of the best things a woman can do for herself!

    —Tiffany H.

  • Vera performs miracles!! She has trained all of her staff and has brought us the 'Best of the Best!'

    —Cheryl R.

  • I use Verabella products and I swear by them. I also converted my best friend...

    —Erin S.

  • The products are wonderful. Vera has a knack for making great products.

    —Mariska C.

  • Incredible experience!! Very relaxing, pleasant!! Will be back for more products and facials!!

    —Danella M.

  • Simply the best. I have been going to Verabella -- and using their incredible products -- for over 10 years.
  • This is a truly wonderful business. The products are non-toxic and plant based which is a must for me and they work great!
  • Best facial in LA!!! The facials at Verabella are amazing!!! Well, my pores got thoroughly cleaned out and I left there, NOT red or blotchy, but GLOWING and smiling from ear to ear!!!
  • Love this WONDERFUL HAVEN. I first started seeing Vera in my 20's with good skin but unfortunate occasional breakouts. She fixed my skin issues, and years later, I still have a wonderful, relaxing experience there.
  • from the moment you walk through the door you feel taking care of and relaxed, everyone is so friendly and after receiving my service i feel rejuvenated, energized, positive and pretty. The Verabella product line is the only line that that keeps my face from breaking out!

    —Stephanie S.

  • Very professional and calming atmosphere. Medea - the lady who did my facial had the softest hands. I have been to many spas around the world and this one is my favorite by far. Verabella products have worked wonders on my skin. I love the cucumber daily moisturizer and aloe vera spot treatment.

    —Sarah L.

  • Vera has saved and improved my face so much over the last year. People who see me close up and in person always comment on how great my skin looks. Her facials are buttressed by amazing products which are all natural, not expensive and smell so good I have to resist eating them.

    —Scott S.

  • Verabella’s products have singlehandedly transformed my skin. I use their grapefruit cleanser, aloe tea tree gel, aloe hydroxy clarifying gel and cucumber moisturizer every single day. I have been a loyal customer for over a year and still get compliments on the condition of my skin.

    —Tara B.

  • I love my monthly facials with Gaby: she is professional and always on time. She is able to assess what’s happening with my skin each month and tailor a perfect facial to match. The products are also superior and made with natural ingredients, which is important to me.
    —Kristen W.

  • I come in there stressed and busy and ALWAYS come out a new person, relaxed and renewed! There's something magical about this place and the energy there so you just leave everything behind. Not to mention my facial experience is always top notch...
    —Lana R.

  • Vera is the grande dame of skin. After a pumpkin scrub, massage, extractions and more, she used the insta-lift machine. I was blown away. I looked younger, vibrant and tightened up! Better than botox and does not hurt! Never in my life have I gotten a better facial!
    —Elizabeth S.

  • If I could give Verabella 20 stars, I would. Vera changed my life. I had tried EVERYTHING between chemical peels, injecting my pimples, regular facials, and switching between skin care products BUT the moment I went to Vera everything changed.

    —Jess H.

  • Best facial experience with personalized care and skin education!

    —Sylvia O.

  • Wonderful experience and their products are great. A must before a special event.

    —Cynthia P.

  • As always a great facial and lovely experience. Thanks, Lilla.

    —Victoria B.

  • Love this place. Super friendly staff, knowledgeable and the facials are really great!

    —Luisa S.

  • All I can say is I'm glad I found them and will never stop buying or using their products ever.

    —Jewel B.

  • They are my go-to skin care place and I wouldn't change for anything.

    —Lisa F.

  • The best place to get a facial in LA. Verabella products are the best face products I have ever used!!

    —Danielle Z.

  • Great before during and after my appointment! I have found an LA home for my face!

    —Libria P.

  • Not only are the estheticians experts in skincare but their products are really great.

    —Lina R.

  • I have been getting facials for the past 5 years and this was by far the BEST FACIAL I have ever had!

    —Amy L.

  • Simply miraculous results! Verabella is as good as it gets!

    —San E.

  • ...the best professional facial I ever had! You must try it! I left with a glowing and much younger looking skin.

    —Alex G.