Tame excessively oily, blemished skin in as little as three weeks.

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Eliminate new pimples and calm inflammation—so your skin can start to heal redness, sensitivity, and scarring from past breakouts. These are the very formulas we incorporate into spa facials to treat severely problematic skin and prescribe between treatments. Each is brimming with potent acne-fighting actives and soothing botanicals to clarify, purify, and heal pimples and congestion.

Save big by bundling... and enjoy Kiss Zit Goodbye, our popular zit-zapping roll-on formula, FREE as our gift to you.

Best for

Concerns: Excess Oil, Acne, Inflammation, Irritation, Sensitivity

Skin Types: Oily Skin, Acne-Prone Skin, Sensitive Skin

What’s Inside

Grapefruit Deep Pore Cleanser • Herbal Beautea Skin Tonic • Aloe Tea Tree Healing Gel • Aloe Hydroxy Clarifying Night Serum • Camphor Mask • Kiss Zit Goodbye

Full Ingredients

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  • before-and-after-verabella-acne-2

    Before, Lana had persistent acne patches on the cheeks and forehead; after, using the Severe Acne protocol between visits, her skin is clear and even. See more pics at Yelp.

  • before-and-after-verabella-acne-8

    This lovely client’s incredible transformation is a testament to being consistent with the Severe Acne protocol between facials. Acne can cause hyperpigmentation, especially on melanated skin, but now she’s even and glowing!

  • Teen Boy with severe acne at VERABELLA

    This teen presented with large, complex, painfully inflamed acne across his face and neck. Between treatments and consistent adherence to the Severe Acne line of products, he’s maintained clear healthy skin and a boost in confidence.

  • before-and-after-verabella-acne-1

    Pesky acne patches across the chin and mouth have been replaced by clear, healthy skin.

Progress Not Perfection - Tracking Acne Skin Therapy at VERABELLA

We know how hard it is to live with severe acne.

For 25+ years, caring for acne-prone skin has been one of our specialties. We have seen first-hand how painful and emotionally difficult severe breakouts and scarring can be. It’s been our great honor to take on that challenge and witness the confidence boost that comes from resolving problematic skin.

There is hope for your acne, and we can’t wait for you to experience the transformative power of truly effective skincare. These are the very products we use on clients in our facial spa.

Progress, Not Perfection

In our experience, improving severe acne is a journey... it is important to track progress (we recommend taking regular photos) and understand that it doesn’t stop overnight. Do not expect pimples and signs of past acne—such as discoloration and scarring—to suddenly disappear, which may leave you disappointed. Instead, observe the overall condition of your skin: Has the rate of new pimples slowed? Have new ones stopped forming? Does your skin feel less irritated, warm, or swollen? Have dark spots lightened? Take time to appreciate any improvements you notice.

  • Before and In Progress Shots of VERABELLA Acne Client

    The In Progress image was taken to track progress. With this client, after just three treatments and using the Severe Acne Kit between visits, no new blemishes formed and we started to address scarring.

  • before-and-after-verabella-acne-3

    Using the Severe Acne Kit at home has supported facial treatments and resulted in more even skintone and smoother texture. See more pics at Yelp.

  • VERABELLA progress photos of hyperpigmentation and scarring from acne

    Darker skin is especially susceptible to pigmentation scars. In this Before and In Progress pic, we see how the right skincare protocol can help to fade hyperpigmentation while lessening inflammation.

  • VERABELLA Acne Progress Image

    This is another In Progress image.

  • five-stars-yelp-red-50x_74d559b0-96aa-434d-b3da-e18a95c969fb

    I was struggling with acne... then I started using the products, and my face has really cleared up. I can't recommend them enough.


  • five-stars-yelp-red-50x_74d559b0-96aa-434d-b3da-e18a95c969fb

    My previously problematic skin has been perfect for months... couldn't recommend enough!

    —Libby G.

  • five-stars-yelp-red-50x_74d559b0-96aa-434d-b3da-e18a95c969fb

    Since using your product line I am having much less breakouts and my redness has disappeared. LOVE!!! the Aloe Hydroxy Clarifying Night Gel.

    —Stephanie S.

  • five stars on Google

    I have known Vera for the past 30 years, ever since my oldest son was 14 years old and began to suffer from terrible acne. I had tried taking him to every possible dermatologist and cosmetologist in the LA and Beverly Hills area, spared no money on the most popular facial and dermatological products, and he still found no relief. I watched him suffer in excruciating pain from all the acne and treatments.

    Finally when my mother saw our struggles to cure his acne and pain, she recommended me to Verabella. Their products are the best things we have ever tried and absolutely cured his acne. Over the three months of treatment, my son's skin had cleared so completely that it became smooth to the touch.

    As someone who is a faculty member for UCLA psychiatry, I have continued to refer patients who have skin-picking behaviors, exacerbated by failed acne treatments, to Verabella. Verabella has consistently provided miraculous cures and eliminated visually and physically painful skin.

    As founder and director of the Westwood Institute for Anxiety Disorders and treating refractory cases of OCD and skin picking behaviors, I could not recommend Verabella more for providing hundreds of adolescents and adults complete and total relief from their addictive behaviors.

    —Dr. Eda G.

  • five stars on Google

    The moment I arrived the greeting I received made me feel like family!

    A friend of mine had SEVERE... SEVERE acne. I referred her to an esthetician. After several months, a series of ten treatments and a considerable amount of money, my friend's skin looked the same.

    Then my friend found Vera.

    Within three weeks the red boils seemed to be fading. I thought, “No way.” By the sixth week, all the red boils were gone. My friend's skin was clear...I mean smooth!

    Vera performs miracles!!

    Vera has trained all of her staff and she has brought us the “Best of the Best!” I was blessed to get on Gabby's schedule. Gabby has perfected her facial movements which places inside of a “peaceful zone” every time. Gabby's delicate extraction technique made me stitch myself to her hip, and I will wrap by saying this... I make it a point to never, ever run out of Vera's exquisite Bella Rosa cream, for the rose cream is priceless!!

    —Dr. Cheryl R.

How to Use This Kit

GRAPEFRUIT Deep Pore Cleanser

Use twice daily, in the morning and before bed. With clean fingertips, massage cleanser into skin using circular motions. Rinse away thoroughly with a clean cloth or VERABELLA Thirsty Sponge.


After cleansing, apply with a cotton round or sponge to tone, balance, refresh, and help regulate sebum production.


After morning and evening cleansing and toning, apply a thin layer of this healing gel to clarify, disinfect, lessen irritation and redness, and protect the skin. (During the day, be sure to use SPF.)

ALOE HYDROXY Clarifying Night Serum

At night, apply 1-2 pumps all over face and neck before Aloe Tea Tree.


Use two or three times a week as an allover mask. It also can be applied directly to individual blemishes as an overnight spot treatment.


This targeted spot treatment is great as an anytime zit zapper. Roll it onto pimples to instantly cool and soothe, and shorten the life of blemishes—even through makeup. Helps to prevent picking, too.

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    Whether you visit our Beverly Hills spa or use our products within the comfort of your home, we promise to care for your skin as well as we care for our own.