Collection: Lip/Lash/Brow


Spa Services

  • Brow shaping with Brow ArTt Arch & Tint

    Brow ArTt

    Frame your face and open your eyes with the perfect ARch and Tint. Your brows will be cleaner, fuller, and a little bolder with precision plucking, shaping, and tinting.

  • Before and after lash lift

    Curl Up & Dye Lash Lift

    Imagine the best version of your natural lashes for 6-8 weeks. Curled, lifted, and tinted lashes open the eyes and give you a little boost without any makeup! This treatment stands up to summer heat, sun, and skincare products—no more raccoon eyes!—and can be amplified with makeup for glam nights out.

  • Before and after eyebrow micro-shading

    Brow Micro-Shading

    This healthier alternative to micro-blading deposits skin-safe ink just below the skin and won’t damage skin or follicles. Technical skill and true artistry unite to shape and define the brows of your dreams—for 12-18 months.

  • Before and after microshading lips

    Lip Lining & Lip Shading

    Pamper your pucker with this semi-permanent micro-treatment, which deposits gentle yet durable tint just below the skin’s surface. Line your lips for the appearance of a fuller pout, or shade the entire lip for 24/7 color customized to your skin tone and lifestyle. It lasts up to 9-18 months; for best results, touch up within 12 months.

  • Before and after brow lamination

    Brow Lamination

    For more texture and definition for 4-6 weeks or longer, this treatment gently tames and directs the brows for a full, feathered look. Pair with Lash Lift and save (money and time!).

  • How eye lining works

    Semi-Permanent Eyeliner

    You can have perfectly lined eyes all the time. This micro-treatment gently deposits skin-safe tint just below the skin’s surface, along the natural lash line, to accentuate the shape of your eye and give the appearance of thicker, fuller lashes around the clock. It lasts up to 9-18 months; for best results, touch up within 12 months.