Both of our gels are soothing and calming to irritated skin, with slight differences to meet the needs of different skin types and concerns. 

VERABELLA Gels - what's the difference between Aloe Tea Tree and Aloe Azulene?

Our incredibly popular Aloe Tea Tree Healing Gel not only provides after-sun care, but also serves as a smoothing aftershave, clarifying mask, and protective shield especially suited to Oily and Combination skin types and Acne-Prone skin.

Less astringent Aloe Azulene Soothing Hydro Gel also calms red and irritated skin, but with a more hydrating finish, making it well-suited to Normal and Dry skin types. As a protective shield, it imparts more moisture while cooling and soothing. Try it in our Summer Set for protection and restoration before, during, and after sun exposure (and save money to boot!).