You’ll leave feeling hot-hot-HOT!

As Seen on the E! Red Carpet at the Golden Globes

Literally the HOTTEST facial in town, our pioneering organic estrogen “facelift” incorporates stimulating sweet hot peppers, placental protein, and phytoestrogens (plant-based hormones) to boost circulation, sculpt, and lift facial contours. This extraordinary anti-aging treatment reduces hormonal breakouts and imparts a healthy, rosy glow.

  • Sweet Hot Peppers Skincare Benefits

    Increases Circulation, Oxygenates, Supports Collagen Production, Delivers Antioxidants to Combat Oxidative Stress

  • Placental Protein for Facial Benefits

    Binds Moisture, Plumps, Boosts Cell Turnover, Supports Collagen Synthesis, Improves Elasticity, Diminishes Wrinkles

  • Phytoestrogen for Skincare Benefits

    Minimizes Signs of Aging, Calms Inflammation, Protects Against Sun Exposure, Hydrates, Reduces Redness, Evens Tone

  • VERABELLA Blue Azulene Paraffin Veil

    Warms to Promote Absorption, Soothes Irritation, Moisturizes, Softens, Makes Skin Supple and Smooth

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We may have a global and celebrity cult following, but we believe everyone deserves the star treatment. Let us introduce you to a singular Beverly Hills experience defined by exceptional skill and warm, welcoming service.

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  • Skin Analysis Consultation

    We have decades of experience looking at all types of skin and issues. But a consultation is a two-way discussion to understand your skin goals and how we can work together to achieve them. Coming in for a monthly facial is one part of skincare, but your regimen between visits matters too. We will simplify and aid the process to support your progress.

  • Ozone Oxygen Steam

    This part of the VERABELLA facial purifies the skin, moistens, and opens the pores to bring circulation to the surface. The first step of the hydration process, it creates a clean, fresh canvas ready to receive treatment and active ingredients.

  • Deep Ultrasonic Cleansing

    One VERABELLA difference is the use of contrasting techniques and temperatures throughout a facial. Alternating between warm and cool temperatures, for example, encourages better skin tone, healing, and glow.

  • Gentle Exfoliation

    Removing dead, dry cells at the surface requires special care to prevent microdamage that can make skin susceptible to irritation or even infection. When done right, exfoliation provides an instant glow and a better pathway for active ingredients to get where they’re most needed.

  • Custom Enzyme Peel

    Gentle but effective natural enzymes thoroughly exfoliate and brighten skin while depositing nourishing moisturizers and skin soothers.

  • Face, Neck & Shoulder Massage

    Massage not only relaxes and destresses, but also improves circulation (to oxygenate and impart a glow!), encourages lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness, and improves texture.

  • Clinical Extraction

    Clogged pores, blackheads, and whiteheads are gently cleared, purified, and soothed.

  • High-Frequency Oxygenation

    Vital oxygen aids in the treatment of acne and improves texture. It promotes collagen and elastin production for a firmer, more toned appearance, all-over glow, and better overall texture.

  • Handmade Gourmet Mask

    Delicious gourmet mask infuses skin with effective bioactives and antioxidants known to slow the signs of natural aging and address key skin concerns.

  • LED Light Therapy

    Many skin conditions, including acne, rosacea, and eczema, benefit from this therapy. It also may improve signs of aging, promote collagen production, and address environmental damage.

  • Blue Azulene Paraffin Wax

    This comforting cocoon warms the skin to encourage maximum absorption of key ingredients, leaving your face and neck smooth, moisturized, and exceptionally soft.

  • Gemstone Eye Treatment

    Gentle stimulation promotes blood circulation, lymphatic drainage (to depuff), and better absorption without irritating delicate eye tissue.

  • Barbershop Towel Wrap

    Men especially love the comfort of our barbershop towel finish, which swaddles you in relaxing warmth and prepares the skin for a moisturizer massage.

  • Massage Moisturizer Application

    Sure, it feels great... but this deft application of moisturizer serves another purpose: better absorption while toning facial contours and stimulating blood circulation.

  • Ionized Oxygen Infusion

    Cool ultrafine mist infuses skin with plumping, moisturizing ingredients that hydrate, brighten, and add volume. Instantly, fine lines are less visible and skin is fresh, nourished, and luminous.

Yes, every Gourmet Facial includes all this.

At VERABELLA, there’s no such thing as a basic facial. We use a range of modalities, contrasting temperatures, and sensory stimulation to deliver a truly effective, pleasurable experience.

  • Fall on Your Face Facial - before and after

    Immediate Glow

    You’ll notice a difference from your very first facial. Expect to feel refreshed and relaxed... plumper, softer, smoother, and gliding out a little lighter on your feet.

  • Rave Review - Just thank you! Wonderful experience and results.

    Long-Term Skincare

    Among our specialities is caring for sensitive, acne-prone, and problematic skin... Let’s get your skin looking and feeling its best, as quickly as possible.

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