Instant Eye Lift Tape

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Instantly Lift Heavy Eyes

Discreet nonsurgical tape kit instantly raises and tightens drooping or hooded eyelids for a fresher, more youthful appearance. Latex-free eyelid strips easily apply to instantly transform the eyes. They can be safely worn up to 24 hours, so you look and feel brighter, rested, and more confident on special occasions or every day. Besides providing cosmetic effects, this wearable technology is a go-to solution for many people with excess eyelid skin, eyelid asymmetry, ptosis, and impaired vision.

• Dermatologist- and lab-tested
• Safe for daily use, even while sleeping
• Hypoallergenic medical-grade materials
• 3mm & 4mm are ideal for slight hooding
• 80 pieces 

More Info

1. Prepare your eyelid.

  • Clean the eyelid and allow to dry.
  • Skin should be free of makeup, oil, or moisturizer.

2. Identify the fold.

  • Pinpoint where your eyelid is folding over, which can be identified by a line or fold on the eyelid.

3. Remove strip.

  • Using tweezers, carefully peel a strip off its sheet.
  • Take care not to damage the corners, which will prevent a proper bond.

4. Place strip.

  • Still holding the strip with tweezers, lift any excess skin by raising your brow so the strip can be placed on a smooth surface.
  • Carefully place strip across the eyelid.
  • Gently twist tweezers to release the strip.

5. Press and hold.

  • With your finger, press and hold the strip for several seconds to activate its bond to your skin.

6. Remove.

  • After wear, simply peel off with fingers and discard.

NOTE: If you're new to using eye lift tape, it may take some practice to place them well. You can use a strip multiple times to practice the correct placement and application technique for you. However, once a strip has been used for a full wear, it should be discarded.

Why We Love It

Lids by Design products are very high quality and work well to discreetly open eyes and address excess eyelid skin—instantly and without irritation. We are so pleased that this Hollywood secret is now available everywhere!

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