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Vera Kantor AKA "Verabella"

We promise to care for your skin as well as we care for our own.

Vera “Verabella” Kantor has cared for some of Hollywood’s most glamorous faces for 30+ years. VERABELLA may have a celebrity and global cult following, but we believe everyone deserves the star treatment.

About Us
  • five stars

    All I can say is I'm glad I found them and will never stop buying or using their products

    ever. —Jewel B.

    Real Customer Reviews 
  • five stars

    Products are amazing. The smell of them reminds me to my grandmother's flower garden in

    Hungary. —Erika B.

    Customer Feedback 
  • five stars

    They have the BEST sunscreen I have ever used. I first tried it about 10 years ago.

    Nothing compares! —Tessa H.

    VERABELLA Reviews 
asian woman receiving facial mask

Treat Yourself to a Taste of True Beauty

Learn about the differences between products to find what’s right for you.

  • December 2000 Bazaar featuring Verabella

    Slavs to Beauty

    “Beauty was a big priority, but with government rationing we had to be resourceful,” says Kantor, reminiscing about her childhood. “We used oatmeal and yogurt as masks, honey and almond for exfoliants, arnica for healing, and chamomile to cleanse the pores.”

    Featured in Harper’s Bazaar 
  • October 2018, the new Hork times Verabella

    Diane Lane Doesn’t Use the “A” Word

    And there is my beloved Verabella on the West Coast. She is Russian and the real deal. She has many products I swear by... She has this calming rose cream called Bella Rosa that is wonderful. Verabella also has an amazing sunblock...

    Featured in New York Times 
  • April 1999 Fit featuring Verabella

    Rubbing Elbows

    Kelly Rutherford doesn’t receive a commission for every VERABELLA product sold—she’s just been going to the spa “forever” and is so enthused about the place that she wanted to spread the good word. Kelly goes for “anything fruit-scented...”

    Featured in Fit 
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