• Verabella Skin Therapy Spa - Micro-Channeling before and after


    Like micro-needling without the downtime, this state-of-the-art treatment creates thousands of strategic microinjuries to stimulate the skin’s healing process and create new collagen. The result is fresher skin with diminished scarring, smoother texture, and a healthier and more radiant appearance.

  • Verabella Skin Therapy Spa - Micro-Diamond-Brasion before and after


    Microdermabrasion gets the ultimate upgrade with our unique diamond-embedded polishing wands, which thoroughly but gently resurface the skin’s top layers to reveal a smoother, more even finish and appearance of smaller pores. Fine lines and hyperpigmentation are noticeably diminished—without the usual sandy mess.

  • Verabella Micro-Current - before and after


    Our revolutionary non-surgical “instant facelift” effectively stimulates, tightens, and tones to diminish signs of aging and discoloration. It is shown to increase circulation, improve hydration, and give facial contours a more sculpted appearance. Immediately feel and look more relaxed, dewy, firmer, and lifted.

  • Verabella - Micro-Shading before and after


    This semi-permanent procedure gently deposits skin-safe pigment for long-lasting makeup that keeps you looking polished without the upkeep. Try scalp micro-pigmentation to obscure thinning hair, line your lips or eyes, or opt for brow micro-shading for the ultimate low-maintenance makeup all year.

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